Building Patrols


Apartment, high-rise and condominium security is incredibly important. This is where Concierge Security can help. By having a concierge security guard stationed at the front door of your high-rise building, you can create a safe and secure environment for your residents, employees, staff members and visitors. Concierge security guards do not just work at securing a building. They also take it upon themselves to maintain a welcoming and pleasant disposition. They sign for packages, greet visitors, direct guests and assist residents whenever possible. Concierge security guards specialize in simplifying the difficult task of managing the flow of people in and out of high-rises. They perform all of these tasks with the skill and knowledge needed to succeed. In addition to providing access control at the entrance of a building, concierge security guards can also conduct regular patrols of the building. By patrolling the hallways and grounds of a complex, guards are able to verify that all areas of the building are safe and secure.