Central Services for Identification offers a high security proximity card – smart cards – containing biometric data with complete protection against counterfeit through the use of either a hologram laminate or through the use of a unique, low cost, hologram coating technology.

For the highest level of security biometric or body measurement – such as a fingerprint or retinal scan – can be used to reliably identify authorized personnel. The most practical way to implement a system like this is to store the encoded biometric on a smart card containing a micro chip which has a built-in memory and encryption processor.

When the card is used, the smart card reader ensures that the code on the card is valid and then waits for a live fingerprint scan which matches the fingerprint stored on the card before granting access.

The cards used in a biometric access control system can either be contact or perimeter type. A Contact type system requires direct insertion of the card into a card reader. A perimeter type operates in a similar way to a prox card but using a higher frequency (13.5 MHz). CSI has the ability to print smart cards and encode them in one operation. Our clients are assured the highest level of security protection.


Control access to sensitive locations and facilities using our solution of swipe card readers and electronic locks. Our solutions reduce the cost of security by dispensing with the need for reception or security guards.

Our systems can be used to print Barcodes onto portrait based identification or membership cards to provide a quick and simple solution.

For higher levels of security, we can provide you with ID cards that include a secure code within each portrait identification card during the printing process.

Together with our business and technology partners, we can supply the required software, locking hardware mechanisms and installation services to implement any swipe-card based control access system.