Security has become an important priority for many businesses today as part of their daily operations. ID or Identification cards, as their name implies, are implemented to quickly identify individuals. Common applications include company ID cards, access control cards, membership cards, retail loyalty cards and government cards such as driver’s licenses.

Identification cards differ from other types of cards – such as credit cards – since identification cards are personalized to individuals and organizational needs. Personalization will require including on the card items such a photo and names of both the individual and or the organization. However, ID features can also be extended to include signatures, encrypted information (in the form of barcodes) and other forms of identification. Many cards also have advanced electronic technology as a means of tamper-proofing identification – such as embedded chips or biometrics.

Small, medium and large organizations have driven the requirement to manage an efficient and cost effective identification system that will allow them to implement the highest level of security for their staff and possibly their guests and or customers.

Employee Identification cards ranged from a standard photo ID to an ID card that can be used for multiple reasons such as:

  • Employee Access
  • Visitor Identification and Access
  • Facility Access
  • Network Login
  • Time and Attendance payroll management
  • Cashless debit systems for example vending machines