Fingerprinting Services

Durham Region’s #1 Fingerprinting Services.

CSI Security Services is an Authorized Accredited Agency by the RCMP to submit electronic fingerprints to the CCRTIS; CSI Security Services is located in Ajax, Ontario. We have the ability to handle all your fingerprinting needs, efficiently and with the utmost professionalism, once your fingerprints has been taken prior to you leaving our office your prints is then immediately sent to the CCRTIS for processing. Our trained and certified fingerprinting technicians uses the latest technology that is also certified by the RCMP and the FBI.


CSI Security Services  offers a wide range of security services customized to your industrial, residential and commercial needs. Our diverse group of services includes professional uniformed security guards, VIP/Executive close protection services, Mobile Patrol & Parking Control Services, Commercial & Condo Concierge services and Armed Security Guard services. 



Identifying personnel is a key part of a secure workplace. An identification card with an employee’s name, photo, title and other relevant information is the most fundamental form of ID required to quickly identify individuals.


Proximity cards and smart cards containing biometric data offer complete protection against counterfeiting through the use of either hologram laminate or hologram coating technology.


Proximity cards (“Prox” cards) are a type of RFID card used to grant access and provide security without requiring insertion into a card reader. 


Swipe card readers and electronic locks will reduce your overall security costs by negating the need for reception or security guards.

CSI Security Services offers effective site security guard services to protect businesses, property and industrial projects. Our security guards are the most professional, experienced and highly trained guards. As the first point of contact on your site, CSI Guards will act as professional ambassadors for your company, whilst simultaneously protecting your property, personnel, business operations and key assets.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of attempting to withdrawal cash from an ATM, only to find that there isn’t any available. But what if continuous cash loading becomes troublesome, or difficult to afford? Perhaps you simply find it to be a nuisance… Insufficient funds will undoubtedly cause loss of business to your establishment, as well as ATM transaction revenue. In order to prevent this from happening, CSI Security Services will assist in the establishment of ATM Replenishment Services.

Apartment, high-rise and condominium security is incredibly important. This is where Concierge Security can help. By having a concierge security guard stationed at the front door of your high-rise building, you can create a safe and secure environment for your residents, employees, staff members and visitors. Concierge security guards do not just work at securing a building. They also take it upon themselves to maintain a welcoming and pleasant disposition. They sign for packages, greet visitors, direct guests and assist residents whenever possible. Concierge security guards specialize in simplifying the difficult task of managing the flow of people in and out of high-rises. They perform all of these tasks with the skill and knowledge needed to succeed. In addition to providing access control at the entrance of a building, concierge security guards can also conduct regular patrols of the building. By patrolling the hallways and grounds of a complex, guards are able to verify that all areas of the building are safe and secure.

CSI Security Services provides professional executive protection, celebrity protection and risk management services that are discreet and effective. Our flexible approach allows us to cater our services to meet our client’s individual needs. We adapt to accommodate any challenge. The unique and modern method employed by CIS affords our clients maximized freedom and privacy without compromising safety.

We provide marked patrol vehicles which stand out and act as a deterrent. We conduct routine, scheduled and random checks on protected properties. A uniformed guard will visit the site, inspect the property and provide clients with reports and information about inspections. Problems are recorded, proper notifications are conducted and guard will remain on site until an adequate solution is conducted. We want our clients to have the peace of mind to know that a licensed and highly trained professional is protecting their property.

Parking Control Services is incredibly important in protecting both those who utilize the parking lot as well as all property on the lot. Trust our parking control & security services to keep your facility safe and secure at all times. Parking control security guards add an extra level of security that will save you money, keep your customers happy and instill peace of mind in everyone who utilizes your parking lot.

CSI Security Services provides rigorous loss prevention services that include investigations, surveillance, and security services to reduce, shrink and protect your organization from preventable losses. We will provide a full suite of loss prevention services with specialists that are highly trained and committed to protecting your bottom line while promoting a positive experience.

Working at remote sites, the difficulties of construction work, and the potential for such unexpected events as severe weather create circumstances that increase risk to construction personnel, equipment and business. For our clients in the construction sector, we have developed an exclusive package of services offerings that fully integrates all aspects of the security program.

Securing your business from operational risks is a first priority for any management team. Losses of property, physical assets and reputation can have a devastating impact on a business. CSI Security Services is exceptionally well equipped to help its clients identify, evaluate and mitigate operational risk. Additionally, should an incident occur, CSI is recognized as the leading provider of crisis response services.